Water bills will be mailed to the customer at the address listed on the User Agreement, unless a change of an address has been filed in writing with the District.  Water bills are due upon receipt each month.  All bills not paid on or before the 20th will be deemed delinquent and a 10% penalty fee will be added to the account.  Unpaid bills may subject your service to a disconnection.  If payment has not been received by the due date of the delinquent notice, service is subject to be turned off without further notice.

There is an $80 disconnection/reconnection charge to the customer whenever a  service person turns the water off then back on during normal business hours.  Carroll County Water District #1 operates on a thirty-day (30) billing cycle.  Bills are mailed to customers on the first or second day of each month.  Water bills can be paid by mail, at our office, or night deposit box.

Return Check Policy

If a returned check is received, a notification will be sent to the customer that the check has been returned.  A $20.00 service charge will be assessed for all returned checks.  There is a four-day period to pay the check.  If after the four-day period there has been no contact or payment, the account will be in a non-payment status and service is subject to be turned off without further notice.